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Click here to listen to the conversation!Marko jots down the details of a room in a shared flat in the Wilsdruffer Straße in the old part of Dresden. He then rushes over there to see whether the room is still available. Fortunately it is, and Silke Kitschler shows him around and answers his questions.

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The layout of the flat in the Wilsdruffer Straße

Marko Tredup (He rings the bell.)
Silke Kitschler Just a moment. I'm opening the door!
Marko Tredup Hallo, I'm Marko. I've come about the advertisement. Is the room still free?
Silke Kitschler Yes, come in! A very warm welcome to our flat! I'll just show you the flat. So, first of all this is the hall. Take your coat off and hang it on the coat-rack!
Marko Tredup (He comes in and takes off his coat.)
Silke Kitschler Over here on the right of the hall you'll find the bathroom. There's a shower cubicle, a re-tiled bath, a toilet, a wash-basin and a large round mirror.
Marko Tredup Is there enough warm water?
Silke Kitschler Yes, there's always enough warm water available thanks to the hot-water tank. Here in front of us at the end of the hall is the combined kitchen and living room, do you see, there on the right? It's a combined room - we don't have a dining room. But the dining table is fairly long.
Marko Tredup Is the kitchen well-equipped?
Silke Kitschler Yes, it has very up-to-date equipment. We have an electric cooker, a microwave oven, a fridge, a freezer, a dishwasher, a washing machine, a coffee machine and a toaster... No, that's not true, it's Marlene's toaster. She'll be taking it with her.
Marko Tredup Very practical! And the room at the front on the left with the double bed?
Silke Kitschler That's my bedroom. I share the room with my boyfriend Andreas. He's not hier at the moment. That's Andreas' stereo system in the corner. And here on the left by the front door is the living room. The sofa, the wall unit and the coffee table are old-fashioned but elegant. We use the colour TV and the video recorder communally.
Marko Tredup The living room is really pretty!
Silke Kitschler Right, and next to it on the left is Marlene's Zimmer ... erm ... the guest room. It's a bit untidy at the moment.
Marko Tredup That doesn't matter! What kind of furniture does the room have?
Silke Kitschler There are two soft single beds, a spacious wardrobe, a compact bookshelf and a tall standard lamp. There's a comfortable armchair in the right-hand corner by the bedside table and the room also has two upholstered chairs. In the other corner there's an oblong desk with a lamp on it. Marlene will of course take the alarm-clock and the computer with her.
Marko Tredup The room's a bit dark, don't you think?
Silke Kitschler Despite the dark walls it's actually quite bright. (She opens the curtains.) Shall we have a cup of coffee? Sit down! I'll go into the kitchen and make some coffee.

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