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This is the basepage for the exercises which go with the Exeter University Beginners' German course. To be able to use the exercises designed on Question Mark Perception you will need to have a username and password approved by the University of Exeter. This is currently unavailable to external users, but the matter is under revision. Exeter University students please note that the necessary username and password will NOT be the same as the ones that you use to log into the University network. Please send an e-mail to the author if you have any queries about logging in.

N.B. This programme is being continually updated and the exercises will be fully completed in the near future. Until then chapters and exercises will be added as soon as they have been completed.

Chapter 1 Chapter 1     Chapter 11 Chapter 11 
Chapter 2 Chapter 2     Chapter 12 Chapter 12 
Chapter 3 Chapter 3     Chapter 13 Chapter 13 
Chapter 4 Chapter 4     Chapter 14 Chapter 14 
Chapter 5 Chapter 5     Chapter 15 Chapter 15 
Chapter 6 Chapter 6     Chapter 16 Chapter 16 
Chapter 7 Chapter 7     Chapter 17 Chapter 17 
Chapter 8 Chapter 8     Chapter 18 Chapter 18 
Chapter 9 Chapter 9     Chapter 19 Chapter 19 
Chapter 10 Chapter 10     Chapter 20 Chapter 20 

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