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1. Eating out
The first exercise requires you to reconstruct a conversation at a German snack bar by placing fifteen sentences in the right order. Click on the buttons below to start the exercise:

The second exercise tests how you would respond to 10 questions in a restaurant or shop environment. Select the correct response from the list on offer. Click the button below to get started:

The third exercise asks you to select the correct response for another ten situations that you might encounter when you are out. This time there are more answers to choose from and you might just need to brush up on your maths!

The LangMedia site has a number of videos showing people ordering food in a number of contexts. Watch the videos and try and work out what they are saying - then reads the German and English transcripts and see how accurate you were.

The Make German Your Business website from BBC Education has a special section on eating out in German restaurants. There are a number of interactive exercises and some useful vocabulary. Click on the button below to get started!

The BBC Education site also has some more restaurant phrases to listen to and learn. Click on the button below to find them.

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2. Food and drink

These next exercises test your knowledge of the vocabulary for food and drink that we have enocuntered in this chapter. The first of these is a challenge board exercise, which means that you can challenge a friend on your knowledge of German words for food and drink. The more confident you are, the harder the question you choose. Whoever gets the most points wins!

Want to find a German recipe for delicious Black Forest gâteau (die Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte)? Well, you have to earn it in this online game from Eurodesk. Bite into the gâteaux as they fly across your screen and the recipe reveals itself line by line!

Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte

3. Numbers 21-99
Test yourself on the numbers from 21-99, and revise the numbers 1-20 with these games and quizzes.

4. Currencies and the euro
Practise your knowledge of the euro notes and coins and the German words for the world different currencies.

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