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9.6 Two presents Includes sound files!

Click here to listen to the conversation!After buying a present for Barbara's sister, Sophie remembers that she needs to buy presents for her brother and her aunt. What does she decide on in both cases? What is a "Sonderangebot"?

Listen to their conversation by clicking either here or on the sound icon at the top of the previous paragraph.

Barbara Zacharias    Ein silbernes Armband    Sophie Gerland

Sophie Gerland I'd like to get a birthday present for my brother.
Barbara Zacharias When is his birthday?
Sophie Gerland In summer.
Barbara Zacharias And when exactly?
Sophie Gerland On the sixteenth of July.
Barbara Zacharias How about a CD? CDs are on the second floor - in the electrical department. What sort of music does he like?
Sophie Gerland He thinks that popmusic is good.
Barbara Zacharias Don't you like pop music?
Sophie Gerland No, I prefer to listen to classical music.
Barbara Zacharias I like listening to rock and techno.
Sophie Gerland (Spotting a stall with jewellery.) I'd also quite like to buy a present for my aunt Käthe. Her birthday is on the third of June.
Sales assistant How can I help you? A bracelet or a brooch?
Sophie Gerland A brooch.
Sales assistant Do you like anything here? This one perhaps?
Sophie Gerland No, I don't like that one.
Sales assistant Or this one?
Sophie Gerland I like that one more, but I think that it's a bit too expensive.
Barbara Zacharias Hey, look, there are some special offers here! These bracelets are cheaper. Do you like them?
Sophie Gerland Yes, I like them. I think I'll buy this bracelet, the silver one.
Sales assistant Yes. Would you like me to wrap up this bracelet as a present?
Sophie Gerland Yes please, that would be very nice of you.
Sales assistant Could you follow me to the till then and pay there?
Sophie Gerland Yes, fine. Thank you.

The music department of a German department store

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