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9.4 The department store Includes sound files!

As part of their shopping tour, Sophie Gerland and Barbara Zacharias go to the Berlin department store Kaufhaus des Westens which is the largest store on the European continent. Since "KaDeWe", as it is commonly called, has eight storeys, a sales floor area of 60,000 square metres and over 380,000 articles of merchandise, Sophie and Barbara need to ask an assistant where things are.

Sophie Gerland     Elevator     Barbara Zacharias

Sophie Gerland Excuse me. I'd like to buy a doll. Where can I find the toy department?
Shop assistant The toy department is on the first floor. So you'll have to go to the first floor.
Barbara Zacharias And where can I get a jacket here?
Shop assistant For a man or a woman?
Barbara Zacharias For a woman.
Shop assistant Well, for that you'll have to go to the third floor. You will ladies' jackets on the third floor in with the ladies' wear.
Sophie Gerland I take it that the chocolates are in the food department in the basement, right?
Shop assistant No, not in the basement. We have a special department for them amongst the confectionery on the sixth floor.
Barbara Zacharias We'd also like to buy a blanket. Which floor is that?
Shop assistant Blankets are with the bedding right up on the sixth floor. You'll have to go up there for that.
Sophie Gerland And purses?
Shop assistant Purses are in the bag department in the basement. So you'll have to go to the basement.
Barbara Zacharias And where can we get a fountain pen here?
Shop assistant Fountain pens are with the stationery on the ground floor. So you'll have to go to the ground floor.
Sophie Gerland Where are your potted plants?
Shop assistant Potted plants? They're with the garden equipment on the fifth floor.
Sophie Gerland Thank's very much.
Shop assistant You're welcome.

A German department store

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