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9.3 The shopping spree Includes sound files!

Click here to listen to the conversation!Barbara Zacharias and Sophie Gerland agree to go shopping the following morning. They first need to find out where to meet. As they plan to meet at the square called Hackescher Markt (= Hackescher Market) in a busy area of East Berlin, Barbara Zacharias needs to be fairly precise in giving instructions to Sophie Gerland, who still doesn't know her way round too well.

Listen to their conversation by clicking either here or on the sound icon at the top of the previous paragraph. You can also:

  • click here for a panoramic view of Hackescher Markt taken by Helmut Koelbach.
  • click here to find the location of Hackescher Markt on a map of Berlin.

Barbara Zacharias    Hackescher Markt    Sophie Gerland

Barbara Zacharias Tell me, would you like to go on a shopping spree with me tomorrow morning?
Sophie Gerland Yes, why not? When and where shall we meet?
Barbara Zacharias At half past nine in front of the baker's at the Hackescher Markt - or is that perhaps too early?
Sophie Gerland That's no problem. I'm an early riser. Where is the baker's?
Barbara Zacharias The baker's is next to the florist's.
Sophie Gerland And where is the florist's?
Barbara Zacharias Below the fitness centre. No, there are flats above the florist's. The florist's is opposite the library.
Sophie Gerland And where is the S-Bahn station?
Barbara Zacharias The S-Bahn station is behind the post office. The post office is between the travel agency and the savings bank. Is that OK?
Sophie Gerland OK! See you tomorrow then!
Barbara Zacharias See you tomorrow!

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