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9.2 Let's go to the cinema! Includes sound files!

Click here to listen to the conversation!In the Schöneberg region of Berlin, Marko Tredup rings up Lukas Müller and asks him if he would like to go and see a film with him. Unfortunately they have trouble agreeing what they would like to see and when they would like to do it. What are their favourite types of film? And why can't Marko Tredup go to the cinema the day after tomorrow?

Listen to their conversation by clicking either here or on the sound icon at the top of the previous paragraph. You can also click here to see which films are being shown in Berlin at the moment.

Marko Tredup     der Film     Lukas Müller

Marko Tredup Hello, Lukas! What would you like to do this evening? What about doing something together perhaps?
Lukas Müller Yes, I'd like that! What do you suggest?
Marko Tredup I'd really like to go to the cinema. What type of films do you like?
Lukas Müller Thrillers and exciting adventure films.
Marko Tredup Yes, that's the sort of thing I like too.
Lukas Müller What's on at the cinema today?
Marko Tredup One moment, I'll have a look. What's the date today?
Lukas Müller Today is Thursday, the fourteenth of March.
Marko Tredup There's "Chicken Run" at the Odeon. The film starts at 8.15. We could also wait until eleven o'clock to go. There's a late showing on then.
Lukas Müller What sort of film is it?
Marko Tredup It's a cartoon film.
Lukas Müller No, things like that are too childish for me. What else is on?
Marko Tredup Tomorrow is Friday, the fifteenth of March, right? There's William Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet" at the Cosima. The director is Baz Luhrmann.
Lukas Müller That's a love story.
Marko Tredup Oh no, I find things like that boring. That's doesn't interest me at all.
Lukas Müller How about the day after tomorrow?
Marko Tredup Sorry, I can't manage it. I've got to stay at home at the weekend and pack.

Odeon Cinema

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