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2.13 Exercises: Do you know your way around Germany?

A map of Germany

Can you tell your Harz from your Hamburg? Take this online test on the geography of Germany devised by UK-German Connection:

André Odeblom's quiz on Germany starts by asking what the capital is - and gets progressively trickier!

Now try and identify which German cities are being identified on the map. There's four possible right answers each time.

The German Länder

Test your knowledge of precisely where the the sixteen Länder are in Germany by doing the online jigsaw on the homepage of UK-German Connection:

Try and achieve a maximum score by identifying the correct German Land. There are 48 points to be gained in total.

Here's another quiz where identifying the German Bundesländer will gain you points.

You can then do a Quia exercise which requires you to match the names of the Länder to their location on a map of Germany.

Then click on the button below to test yourself on the capitals of the 16 German Länder.

Finally, discover more about Germany's cities and regions (Länder), click on the button below to go on a Quia scavenger hunt, searching through Web sites to find out more about Germany area by area:

Do your homework!

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