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10.4 Daily life: Lars Weber Includes sound files!

Finally, Claudia Stenzel interviews one of the children taught by Mareike Herda. As you would imagine, he is much more interested in playing than his schoolwork! Pay particular attention to how he expresses his daily routine when he gets up in the morning and when he goes to bed at night.

You can listen to the interviews by clicking on the "On air" icon. Or if you wish, you can listen to Radio Eins live on the Internet by clicking here.

DJ Claudia Stenzel    Click here to listen to the conversation!    Lars Weber (left) at school

Claudia Stenzel When do you wake up?
Lars Weber I wake up at seven o'clock. I get up, go into the bathroom and wash my hands. I wash my face and clean my teeth. I put my shirt, my trousers and my shoes on. Breakfast is at a quarter past seven.
Claudia Stenzel Don't you wear any socks?
Lars Weber Yes I do!
Claudia Stenzel And when do you go to school?
Lars Weber Just after half-past seven. Mummy takes me to school.
Claudia Stenzel Do you like school?
Lars Weber Sometimes. I hate homework! I always have to study in the evenings!
Claudia Stenzel Do you like maths?
Lars Weber No, of course not!
Claudia Stenzel Do you like sport?
Lars Weber Yes. I think it's great!
Claudia Stenzel What do you like the most?
Lars Weber Swimming and water polo.
Claudia Stenzel What do you like doing in your spare time?
Lars Weber Skateboarding. It's fun. I like playing outside. I'm also an inline skater. My sister likes cycling. She's got a brand new red mountain bike. I'm also interested in stamps. I like collecting them.
Claudia Stenzel When do you go to bed?
Lars Weber About nine o'clock. I get undressed, have a bath, and put my pyjamas on. I've got my own bedroom!

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