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10.3 Der Alltag: Jens Hoffmann Includes sound files!

Now it is the turn of Jens Hoffmann (below right) to be interviewed. Try to work out what he does during his lunchtime break and why his route home depends on the weather. Which football team does he support?

You can listen to the interview by clicking either here or on the "On air" icon. Or if you wish, you can listen to Radio Eins live on the Internet by clicking here.

DJ Claudia Stenzel    Click here to listen to the conversation!    Jens Hoffmann

Claudia Stenzel Mr. Hoffmann, what do you do on a normal day?
Jens Hoffmann I get up quite early, at about half-past six. I go into the bathroom and have a wash. I usually have a shave - but not always at the weekend! Then I get dressed and read the Tagesspiegel. I like this newspaper most of all. For breakfast I have muesli, perhaps a slice of bread or a roll and two cups of coffee.
Claudia Stenzel What sort of coffee do you like drinking the most?
Jens Hoffmann I like drinking Brazilian coffee most of all.
Claudia Stenzel When do you normally leave the house?
Jens Hoffmann That depends. Usually at twenty past seven.
Claudia Stenzel And how do you get to work?
Jens Hoffmann I walk to the office - but only when it doesn't rain! I live in a three-room flat in the city centre, not far from my office. I get to the office at a quarter to eight.
Claudia Stenzel Do you have a lunch-break?
Jens Hoffmann The lunch-break is between half-past twelve and half-past one. I have lunch in a small Italian restaurant, perhaps a pizza or spaghetti or something like that. I like eating out and I like eating Italian dishes most of all.
Claudia Stenzel When do you leave the office?
Jens Hoffmann I finish work at five thirty. Then I leave the office. If the sun is shining, I walk home through the park. I get back home at ten to six. Then I cook my evening meal. After tea I'm often really tired and relax in front of the television. Every Thursday evening I rent a video. I like watching old horror films and comedies.
Claudia Stenzel What do you do in your spare time? Do you have any hobbies?
Jens Hoffmann Well, I don't actually have much spare time. I'm interested in literature and go to the theatre regularly...
Claudia Stenzel What kind of books do you like reading?
Jens Hoffmann Mainly novels and short stories. I don't like doing sport but I enjoy watching football matches.
Claudia Stenzel Which football team do you prefer: Hertha Berlin or Bayern Munich?
Jens Hoffmann I don't like Hertha or Bayern. I'm a TeBe fan.
Claudia Stenzel I'm sorry?
Jens Hoffmann My favourite team is called TeBe - Tennis Borussia Berlin!

Tennis Borussia Berlin

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