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7.14 Vocabulary - Shops and product containers

Here is a summary of the vocabulary covered in this section. The first table will list the different types of container in which products come, and the second table will list the names of products itself.

From now on, we shall indicate the plurals of each of these nouns by the use of brackets. The plural of (for instance) die Tüte is die Tüten. We would show this plural formation by writing die Tüte (-n). Similarly, the plural of der Becher is die Becher. To show that this noun does not change in the plural - although the article always does! - we would write der Becher (-). When the stem of a noun changes, and not just the ending, we will aim to write the new plural out in full.

bag die Tüte (-n)
bar die Tafel (-n)
bottle die Flasche (-n) 
box die Schachtel (-n) 
can die Dose (-n)
jar; glass das Glas (pl. - Gläser) 
pack; packet die Packung (-en)
packet das Paket (-e)
sack der Sack (pl. - Säcke) 
slice die Scheibe (-n) 
tub der Becher (-) 
tube die Tube (-n)

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Test your knowledge of the vocabulary for containers and measurements by doing the following three exercises. Click on the bars below to get started.


baker die Bäckerei (-en)
butcher's die Metzgerei (-en) 
chemist's die Apotheke (-n)
corner store der Tante-Emma-Laden 
(pl. - Tante-Emma-Läden) 
department store das Kaufhaus 
(pl. - Kaufhäuser) 
drugstore die Drogerie (-n) 
food store das Lebensmittelgeschäft (-e)
health food shop der Bioladen 
(pl. - Bioläden) 
das Reformhaus 
(pl. - Reformhäuser) 
market der Markt (pl. - Märkte) 
- Christmas market - der Weihnachtsmarkt 
(pl. - Weihnachtsmärkte) 
shop das Geschäft (-e) 
der Laden (pl. - Läden) 
supermarket der Supermarkt 
(pl. - Supermärkte) 

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You can test yourself on your knowledge of types of German shop by clicking on the bar below:

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