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11.1 At the reception desk (1) Includes sound files!

Click here to listen to the conversation!Sophie Gerland's boyfriend Marko Tredup, whom we first met in Chapter 1, has been accepted to study at the Dresden University of Technology. He has arrived in the city to sort out his course details and his accommodation for the coming year. He therefore needs to find a hotel room in Dresden for a few days and makes enquiries at the Hotel Ambiente. The hotel receptionist (die Empfangsdame) is called Ursula Wagner.

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Hotel Ambiente    Marko Tredup

Marko Tredup Hello. Do you have any vacancies?
Ursula Wagner For this evening?
Marko Tredup Yes, for this evening.
Ursula Wagner Would you like a single room or a double room?
Marko Tredup A single room please.
Ursula Wagner With shower or bath?
Marko Tredup With shower.
Ursula Wagner Let me have a look... yes, of course, we have a single room free. And this is with shower and toilet. How long will you be staying?
Marko Tredup Three nights, from the sixteenth to the nineteenth of July.
Ursula Wagner So that would be on the 16th, 17th and 18th of July?
Marko Tredup Yes, precisely. I'll be departing on the 19th July.
Ursula Wagner And would you like half-board or just bed and breakfast?
Marko Tredup Just bed and breakfast. What does that cost?
Ursula Wagner A single room costs 85 euros per night, and that includes breakfast, service and VAT.
Marko Tredup That's quite a lot for a student. What time is breakfast served?
Ursula Wagner From seven o'clock onwards in the restaurant, straight in front of you.
Marko Tredup Where is the hotel car park? My car is here in the street.
Ursula Wagner We have an underground car park with 200 parking spaces.
Marko Tredup Excellent. And what leisure facilities do you have here?
Ursula Wagner We have a solarium, and also a fitness room, a sauna and a swimming pool.
Marko Tredup Great, I'm pleased to hear that! Do you accept credit cards?
Ursula Wagner Yes, we accept all major credit cards.
Marko Tredup Good. I'll take the room.
Ursula Wagner Would you like to sign the register?
Marko Tredup With pleasure. (He signs the register.)
Ursula Wagner Follow me please. Here is your key, I'll show you your room. It's on the top floor and your room number is 426. The porter will carry your luggage upstairs.

A room in a German hotel

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