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Below are 24 words that have entered the English language from German. In most cases, the pronunciation of these words has become anglicized, so we need to "unlearn" the English pronunciation of each term if we wish to say them correctly in German. Read each word to yourself in the way that a German would pronounce it and then click on the sound icon next to each word to listen to it being spoken a German native speaker. How many of these words are you familiar with and what do they mean? Look up any of the words on the list that are new to you and make a list of other German loan words that have been imported into English.

     1. Fahrenheit
     2. Zeppelin
     3. Strudel
     4. Frankfurter
     5. Dachshund
     6. Schadenfreude 
     7. Ersatz
     8. Kindergarten
     9. Hamburger
     10. Gesundheit
     11. Leitmotiv
     12. Wanderlust
     13. Weltanschauung 
     14. Rucksack
     15. Hinterland
     16. Poltergeist
     17. Rottweiler
     18. Glockenspiel
     19. Doppelgänger
     20. Schmalz
     21. Gestalt
     22. Pilsner
     23. Angst
     24. Bunsen

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  Pronunciation exercises
Similar words in English and German These words in this exercise may look familiar to us, but are spoken very differently in German.
Anglicized German names How should the names of these famous people from the German-speaking countries actually be pronounced?
German names for cities How do native German speakers refer to the following towns and cities?
German tongue-twisters Listen to and then try to repeat a collection of German tongue-twisters.
  Alphabet exercises
Spelling your name Listen to some German names being spelled and see if you can write them down.
German abbreviations Read out some German abbreviations and then hear how they should sound.
MFG - mit freundlichen Grüßen Watch a video for a German rap video made up of abbrevations and then sing along to the instrumental!

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