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  Akademie för uns kölsche Sproch
The Akademie för uns kölsche Sproch was established in 1983 as a means of maintaining and developing a lively Kölsch dialect.

  Kölsch - Deutsche Welle Dialektatlas  Includes sound files!
As part of its dialect atlas, the broadcaster Deutsche Welle has provided a series of articles on the dialect spoken in the city of Cologne.

  Alltagsdeutsch: Kölsch - Deutsche Welle  Includes sound files!
Here you can listen to a programme broadcast by the German broadcaster Deutsche Welle on the Cologne dialect in February 2004 and also read the transcript of the programme.

  Jlobal Kölsche Sigge
A homepage devoted to Cologne culture in Kölsch dialect. Click here to access their online Kölsch-Standard German dictionary.

  Platt (=Dialekt=Mundart=Kölsch)
As part of their site on the languages spoken in Rheinland, the Amt für rheinische Landeskunde explains the position of Kölsch within the region's dialect landscape.

  Kölsch - Kölner Mundart
An introduction to the grammar of Kölsch from Reinhard Kaaden.

  Die kölsche Grammatik
Extracts from "Uns kölsche Sproch", a grammar of the Cologne dialect published in 2002.

  Der Kölner - Seine Sprache und sein Humor
The Kölner Brauerei-Verband explains how the Cologne dialect and the city's sense of humour are intertwined.

  Sprachführer Deutsch-Rheinisch-Kölsch
Some short details about the Cologne dialect for tourists.

  Kölsche Sick
Uli Winkelmann's homepage in Kölsch dialect introduces you to the city and the language.

  Hövels Hött
The Kölsch website of Joe Hovel, who now lives in Australia.

  Stump's Infoseiten
Achim Stump's website contains information about Kölsch (the language) and Kölsch (the beer).

Wörterbücher (Dictionaries)

  Kölsch Wörterbuch
Martin Jäger's dictionary of Kölsch also contain the lyrics of songs written in the dialect as well as a guide to further reading on the subject.

  Das kölsche Wörterbuch
This introduction to the Kölsch-Deutsch dictionary published by the Akademie för uns kölsche Sproch includes information about the orthography of the dialect.

  Online-Wörterbuch - Akademie för uns kölsche Sproch
An online bilingual Kölsch-Deutsch dictionary from the Akademie för uns kölsche Sproch.

  500 Wööder op Kölsch  Includes sound files!
Read and listen to a selection from a CD-Rom of 500 words in Cologne dialect.

  Kölsch Wörterbuch
A thorough dictionary of key Kölsch lexical items presented as a PDF file.

  Infotopia - Kölsch
A bilingual dictionary of Kölsch and Standard German.

  Lexikon Hochdeutsch-Kölsch: Jlobal Kölsche Sigge
A searchable online dictionary of Cologne dialect vocabulary.

  interJECKes Wörterbuch
A bilingual dictionary that allows you to translate from Kölsch to Standard German and back again.

  Kölsches Lexikon
An A-Z dictionary of Cologne vocabulary from the website Köln-Altstadt.

  Schreibweise von Konsonanten im Kölschen
How should you write consonant sounds in Kölsch?

  Schreibweise von Vokalen im Kölschen
How should you write vowel sounds in Kölsch?

  Kölsch von A bis Z
A thorough Kölsch dictionary from the Kölner Brauhaus Wanderweg.

  Kölscher Vokabeltrainer - Deutsche Welle  Includes sound files!
An online dictionary of key terms and phrases from the Cologne dialect with sound files to help you pronounce them.

  Die kölsche Mundart
A list of some of the key Kölsch dialect phrases used at Karneval time.

  Kölsch von A-Z
Westdeutscher Rundfunk offers a pictorial guide to some of the most important words and phrases that you will hear in the Cologne dialect.

  Kölsche Sprichwörter und Redewendungen
A selection of Kölsch phrases and idioms grouped into useful subheadings from the world of work to friendship.

  Kölsche Schimpfwörter und Kraftausdrücke
Over 650 curses and forceful expressions in Kölsch dialect from the website Köln-Altstadt.

  Die 12 Gebote des echten Kölners
Twelve commandments for the true citizen of Cologne in both dialect and standard German.

Foren (Forums)
A chatroom for Kölsch speakers.

  Kanns'de Kölsch?
A thread in the Karnevalistenforum in which you can discuss everything to do with the Kölsch dialect.

Texte und Literatur (Texts and Literature)

  Kölsche Verzäll
A selection of texts written in Kölsch on a broad number of texts.

  Modän Romantik - Moderne Romantik  Includes sound files!
This text by Cologne dialect author Elfi Steickmann on the after effects of the Karneval can be read in both Kölsch and standard German forms. It can also be listened to as an audio file.

  Asterix op Kölsch
Asterix the Gaul in Kölsch dialect.

Theater (Theatre)

The Senftöpfchen theatre in Cologne frequently stages Cologne dialect performance.

Musik (Music)

  De Kölsche Tön
A website devoted to music coming from Cologne.

  Radio Köln 107,1 Soundcheck Kölsch un Jot  Includes sound files!
Every Thursday evening, Radio Köln 107,1 broadcasts Kölsch un Jot, a programme devoted to Cologne dialect music. website devoted to music coming from Cologne. The programme can be listened to online via the station's webradio.

  "En Message us dem Milljöh": Dialektliedpflege im heutigen Köln
An article about the steps that are being taken to preserve songs written in the Cologne dialect.

  Adventszick op Kölsch
Songs, tales and humour in Cologne dialect to celebrate the Advent period.

The homepage of the Cologne dialect group Bajasch contains a number of their song lyrics.

The German rock group BAP were formed in 1976 by Wolfgang Niedecken and Hans Heres. Nearly all of BAP's lyrics are written in Kölsch, or Niedecken's variant of Cologne slang.

  Bläck Fööss
The homepage of Bläck Fööss, a rock group who sing in Kölsch dialect.

  Blom un Blömcher  Includes sound files!
Originally formed as a duo by the Blum brothers in 1970, Blom un Blömcher have now expanded to become a quartet. They have released a number of CDs, samples from which can be heard on their website.

  de Boore
De Boore were founded as a trio by Tommy Watzke, Karl-Heinz Verbeek and Peter Kellershoff.

Founded in 1991, the Cologne group Brings aim to prove that good rock music and dialect are by no means incompatible.

  Rolly Brings
Rolly Brings is a musician who performs Cologne dialect songs accompanied by acoustic guitar. He is also the father of Peter and Stephan Brings of the group Brings.

  Cölln Girls  Includes sound files!
Ever since their debut single "Lommer Danze" in 2001/2002, the Cologne trio Cölln Girls have been highly visible on the local music scene. Their homepage contains samples of their songs.

  Die 3 Colonias  Includes sound files!
Founded back in 1976, the Die 3 Colonias have ensured their longevity on the Cologne dialect scene with a mixture of humour, parody and atmosphere.

  De Familich  Includes sound files!
A number of musicians have grouped together under the name de Familich to sing familar and not so familiar Cologne dialect songs to interested audiences in local pubs. Their website contains MP3 files of their music.

  Die Filue  Includes sound files!
Die Filue recorded their first album in 1996 and their website allows you to listen to samples of their dialect music.

  Höhner  Includes sound files!
One of the most well-known and enduring dialect bands, the Höhner were formed in Cologne in 1972 have performed with a wide variety of artists from the Circus Roncalli to the Junge Sinfonie Köln. Their website contains MP3 files of their music.

  HUMBA Efau
Founded in 1994, the Kö-international cultural association Cologne group HUMBA seeks alternatives to traditional Karneval music and combined traditional Cologne sounds with world music of all varieties.

  Huusmeister  Includes sound files!
Huusmeister are a Cologne-based trio whose music tries to move beyond the clichés associated with dialect music.

  De Junge
The homepage of a Cologne/Bonn dialect band who have played their "kölsche Ton" in places as far afield as London and China.

  de Kallendresser  Includes sound files!
de Kallendresser were formed at the end of the 1980s and play (amongst other things) old Kölsch songs written by the likes of Willi Ostermann, Karl Berbuer and Gerhard Jussenhoven. Their website contains MP3 files of their music.

  De Klüngelköpp  Includes sound files!
The homepage of the Cologne dialect group contains a number of song lyrics and audio files of their performances.

  Kölsche Lappührche  Includes sound files!
The Kölsche Lappührche are a duo consisting of Heiner Lindlar and Kalle Grosejean who perform a mixture of dialect songs and Schlagermusik.

  Gerd Köster  Includes sound files!
The Cologne singer Gerd Köster also performs in plays and musicals and was also the voice for the German version of Nick Hornby's "High Fidelity".

By now well-established on the Cologne scene, the dialect band Kläävbotze are regular performers in the city.

Kribbelköpp are a five-piece dialect rock band released their first dialect album "Janz anders" in 1998.

  Leo Colonia
The origins of the group Leo Colonia lie in a CD project to record Kölsch songs written by Andreas Leonard Sauer.

  De Nüggele
Having met via an advertisement in October 1998, the Cologne group De Nüggele having been pursuing their goal of conquering the Karneval by means of "jecke Tön".

This Kölsch dialect group was launched by Klaus Radek in 1997.

The homepage of the Cologne group NULL221 provides information about their performances and music.

  Walter Oepen
Walter Oepen has been a puppeteer at the Hänneschen-Theater in Cologne and a performer of dialect music for over twenty years.

  Willi Ostermann Gesellschaft Köln 1967 e.V.
This society was founded in 1967 to promote the memory of Willi Ostermann (1876-1936), who was one of Cologne's most popular dialect songwriters and Karneval composers.

Formed in the Cologne district of Dellbrück in 1983, the Paveier are one of the Kölsch dialect scene's most well-known groups, performing Kölsch music tinged with country influences.

Named after the 3 Rabaue, three street musicians who sang songs in the ruins of post-war Cologne, the group Rabaue formed in 2001 and have anumber of performances and CDs behind them.

  De Räuber  Includes sound files!
The Räuber were formed in 1991 and exapnded to a quartet in 1993. Their website contains audio files of their music.

Formed in April 1999, and finally named in Spain, Rutwing have become a permanent feature on the Cologne dialect circuit.

The Cologne dialect trio SakkoKolonia perform a mixture of historical Cologne music and their own songs.

  De Schluffe
Formed purely due to "Spaß aan der Freud", De Schluffe have developed from covering popular songs in Kölsch dialect to writing their own music.

  De Stroßefäjer  Includes sound files!
Originally founded in 1994 as a hobby group, the Cologne group De Stroßefäjer have released a number of CDs since then, samples of which can be heard on their website.

  De Vajabunde
De Vajabunde were formed in 1998 and perform about Karnevalsmusik and traditional Cologne songs.

  Jürgen Wunderlich  Includes sound files!
The self-styled "Barde aus dem Bergischen" Jürgen Wunderlich first came to public attention when he won the competition "Kölle sucht dat Super Hohn" in front of 15,000 spectators in 2003. His website contains MP3 files of his songs.

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