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  Université de Lausanne - Introduction to Linguistics  Includes sound files!
A detailed explanation to various sounds of the phonetic alphabet from the linguistics department of Lausanne University. Each sound has its own sound file. Particularly useful for beginners to phonetics.

  Peter Ladefoged - A Course in Phonetics  Includes sound files!
An online course in the articulation and phonology of English from Peter Ladefoged. Contains performance exercises and additional resources.

  Peter Ladefoged - Vowels and Consonants  Includes sound files!
Peter Ladefoged explains how we form and listen to vowels and consonants all around the world.

  UCLA Phonetics Lab - Index of Sounds
On this UCLA Phonetics Laboratory site, you can click on a type of sound, and it will take you further down the page to examples.

  UCLA Phonetics Lab - Demos and Illustrations
This page contains demos, animations, and screen shots of some visually engaging things which people in the UCLA Phonetics Laboratory have created or contributed to.

  General Phonetics - Kevin Russell
Notes and exercises on phonetics devised by Kevin Russell of the University of Manitoba.

  The International Phonetic Alphabet
A reproduction of the international phonetic alphabet (revised to 1993, updated 1996).

  The International Phonetic Alphabet (2)
The revised IPA symbols chart from 1996 in PDF format. Adobe Acrobat required.

  The International Phonetic Alphabet - Audio Illustrations  Includes sound files!
This guide to the International Phonetic Alphabet from the University of Victoria in Canada has MP3 files of the different vowel and consonant sounds.

  IPA - Interactive Sagittal Section
Daniel Currie Hall's innovative interactive explanation of the international phonetic alphabet enables you to use the radio buttons on his webapge to change voicing, nasality, lip position, and tongue position. To move the tongue, you need to specify both manner and place of articulation.

  International Phonetic Alphabet - Wikipedia
A detailed guide to the International Phonetic Alphabet from the online encyclopaedia Wikipedia.

  IPA Character Picker 2.0
Richard Ishida's IPA character selector includes all the phonetic symbols listed in the alphabet section of the IPA site, with the exception of some contour tone/word accents and the symbols for disordered speech. Basic characters are grouped by articulatory position for easy location. Available in English or French.

  Institut für Phonetik und Sprachliche Kommunikation  Includes sound files!
A series of multimedia lectures on German phonetics from Munich University.

  Examples of Synthesized Speech  Includes sound files!
Examples of synthesized speech in different languages collected by Gregor Möhler of the University of Stuttgart.

  Internet Institute of Speech and Hearing - Interactive Demonstrations  Includes sound files!
Experiments in speech, hearing and visualisations of sound. Sound card and speakers required.

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