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  Pro-Zurituutsch  Includes sound files!
This website devoted to the Zurich German dialect contains a thorough analysis of how the dialect is written and spoken and also offers a podcast.

  Swiss German Morphology and Lexicon
An examination of Swiss German in and around Zurich by Nancy L. Thuleen that focuses primarily on morphology and lexicon.

  Zur Vokalquantität in der Mundart der Stadt Zürich
Stephan Schmid's paper analyses the vowel system of the dialect spoken in the city of Zurich, which shows a systematic use of distinctive length contrasts. In order to ascertain the acoustic correlates of the quantity feature, an experimental study has been done, during which three speakers produced a corpus of carefully designed read speech. The duration of 162 vowels and 162 consonants has been measured, as well as the first two formants of 54 high vowels. This article is also available as a PDF file.

  Zürichdeutsch - Wikipedia
An overview of the Zurich dialect by the online encyclopaedia Wikipedia.

  "Uf Züritüütsch gseit". Warum immer mehr Deutsche die Zürcher Mundart lernen
An article from the Neue Zürcher Zeitung examining why more and more Germans are learning the Zurich dialect.

  Tonbeispiele aus dem Kanton Zürich  Includes sound files!
A selection of mp3 sound files of dialect speakers from the canton of Zurich.

  Schweizer-Deutsch: Zürich-Deutsch
A coursebook and CD-Rom that aims to teach Swiss German in its Zurich form.

  Züritüütsch isch aifach schön
Online extracts from the Zurich German tutorial which include Zurich German texts and an explanation of the differences between Swiss German and High German.

Sascha Brawer's presentation on the hierarchy of languages uses Zürichdeütsch as its main example.

The Lord's Prayer and Ave Maria rendered in Zurich German dialect.

Wörterbücher (Dictionaries)

  Züridüdsch Wörterbuch
An online Züridütsch-Hochdeutsch dictionary.

A glossary of vocabulary spoken in Züritüütsch.

Institutionen (Institutions)

  Verein Schweizerdeutsch - Gruppe Zürich
The Zurich section of the Verein Schweizerdeutsch provides information on the Swiss German language in and around Zurich.

Musik (Music)

The homepage of this Zurich group that sings dialect songs from children contains the words and music of many of their tunes, including a song called Züritüütsch.

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Weiter!See also: Schweizerdeutsch

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