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  My Bärndütschi Syte
This excellent and exhaustive introduction to the Berndeutsch dialect includes a Berndeutsch dictonary and a Berndeutsch grammar, as well as many other informative texts and links. Author: Edi Muster. Host: Daniel Muster.
A site devoted to the Berndeutsch dialect with an extensive Berndeutsch lexicon.

  Berndeutsch - Wikipedia
An introduction to the Alemannic dialect spoken in the Swiss canton of Bern from the online encyclopaedia Wikipedia.

  Sprachliche Varietäten in der Stadt Bern und was die Sprecher davon halten  Includes sound files!
An analysis of linguistic variation in Bern by Beat Siebenhaar. Includes a number of MP3 files.

Linguistic portraits from the city of Bern by Beat Siebenhaar and Fredy Stäheli.

  Tonbeispiele aus dem Bernbiet  Includes sound files!
A selection of mp3 sound files of dialect speakers from the Bern region.

  Berndeutsch in den USA
An article about where Berndeutsch is spoken in the United States.

Wörterbücher (Dictionaries)

  Es bärndütsches Wörterbüechli
An ever-growing dictionary of words used in the Berndeutsch dialect compiled by Edi Muster. It also includes a very useful guide to Berndeutsch orthography and grammar.

  Ds bärndütsche Lexikon
A dictionary of words and phrases used in Berndeutsch.

  Berndeutsches Wörterbuch
A secondary dictionary of words and phrases used in Berndeutsch.

Institutionen (Institutions)

Founded in 1991, this association seeks to promote the usage of Bern German and research into the dialect.

The homepage of the society devoted to the Bern writer and journalist Carl Albert Loosli.

Literatur (Literature)

  Franz Hohler
The homepage of the Bern writer and cabaret artist Franz Hohler.

  Es bärndütsches Gschichtli
Franz Hohler's Berndeutsch story with a commentary from non-Berndeutsch speakers.

  Ts Totemügerli
A short text in Bern dialect from Franz Hohler.

  Peter Maibach
The homepage of Peter Maibach, who has written a number of short stories in Bern dialect.

  Dr Schnäscht Wäg Nach Worb
Ernst Mischler tells the story of a German (who can speak some Swiss German) asking for directions from someone speaking broad Berndeutsch.

  Zytglogge Verlag
The homepage of the Zytglogge publishing house, which specialise in dialect publications.

Musik (Music)

  Berner Lieder
An article from the magazine Folker on the dialect music made in Bern.

  Berner Troubadours  Includes sound files!
The homepage of a dialect group from Bern. Contains MP3 sound files.

The hugely successful Marco "Gölä" Pfeuti released five Swiss German CDs and won a World Music Award before deciding to concentrate on singing in English.

  Polo Hofer
The homepage of Polo Hofer, one of the founders of Swiss dialect rock, who comes from Interlaken in the canton of Berne.

  Leierchischte  Includes sound files!
The duo Leierchischte, consisting of Ueli von Allmen and Roland Schwab, produce dialect songs for children.

  Mani Matter - Texte
The songs of Switzerland's most famous dialect singer-songwriter.

  Stiller Has
The homepage of Stiller Has, a Bernese German trio founded in 1989.


  Mattenenglisch - Wikipedia
An introduction to the "secret language" spoken in the old quarter of Berne from the online encyclopaedia Wikipedia.

An introduction to the dialect spoken in the Berner Altstadt. At the bottom of this page you can download a programme that allows you to translate from Matteänglisch into Bern dialect.

  Matteänglisch-Club Bärn
A society devoted to the usage of the Matteänglisch dialect.

An introduction to the language" spoken in the old quarter of Berne from Ruth Margot and Res Margot.

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