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This introduction to the Baseldeutsch dialect by the Iff-Fäs family contains an extensive English-Baseldytsch dictionary and a bibliography of books published in Baseldeutsch dialect.

  Baseldeutsch - Wikipedia
An introduction to the Alemannic dialect spoken in Basel from the online encyclopaedia Wikipedia.

  Stadtsprache - Sprachen in der Stadt am Beispiel Basels
The concluding report on an research project into language usage in Swiss cities.

  Sprachliche und politische Grenzen im (ehemaligen) Dialektkontinuum des Alemannischen am Beispiel der trinationalen Region Basel (Schweiz) in Karten von SprecherInnen
A group of Swiss informants of the trinational Basel region were asked to draw maps of the regional language borders. Thus, the subjective assessment of language borders could be visualized. By means of these maps, changes in the former Alemannic dialect continuum in the Upper Rhine Area become transparent, which have developed by nation building, standardizing processes and diglossia. Lorenz Hofer's article on this situation is also available as a PDF file.

  Uni Nova - Sprache und Identität
A special edition of Uni Nova, the University of Basel's science magazine, published in 2002, looks at the connections between language and identity in the Basel area and beyond.

  Die Sprache der Basler Fasnacht im Wandel
The results of research conducted by the University of Basel in 2002 suggests that the language spoken in Basel in the carnival period is gradually changing.

  Tonbeispiele aus Basel  Includes sound files!
A selection of mp3 sound files of dialect speakers from in and around Basel.

  Emil Schreiber - Gedichte
Baselbieter Gedichte written by the Swiss poet Emil Schreiber.

  D’Wiehnachtsgschicht uff Baseldytsch
The story of Christmas related in Basel German dialect.

  Baseldytschi Bihni
Formed in 1892, the Baseldytschi Bihni stages dialect plays in Baseldeutsch. The company has 2000 members, seventy of which actively stage the performances.

  Basler Fasnacht - Blog
A blog written in Basel German dialect.

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