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  Flämisch - Lowlands-L
There is no actual Flemish language. Instead, there are Flemish languages, each one with its own regional variations. Flemish is spoken in Western and Eastern Flanders, Northern France and Zeelandic Flanders. Eastern Flemish and Brabantish belong to the south central group within the Dutch language area. Western Flemish, Zeelandic Flemish and French Flemish belong to the southwestern group of the Dutch language varieties. This introduction to the Flemish languages is also available in an English version.

  Flemish Sample Texts - Lowlands-L
A number of texts representing the variety of Flemish languages and their historical development. Examples are taken from French Flanders, Western Flanders and the Netherlands.

  Woordenboek van de Vlaamse Dialecten: WVD
A history of the development and production of the dictionary of the Flemish dialects.

  West Flemish - Wikipedia
A brief introduction to the Flemish group of dialects from the free encyclopaedia Wikipedia. - Vlaams
A collection of love poems written in the Flemish dialects.

  Aksjuh Commithee Tur Bevording Va 't WestVlams
The homepage of a committee for the support of the West Flemish group of dialects.

  Western Flemish (Westvlams) - 't Keuninkske  Includes sound files!
Western Flemish is a Dutch dialect, spoken in the Belgian province of West-Vlaanderen (Western Flanders). This story has been translated into Western Flemish and narrated by Luc Vanbrabant from Oekene in Western Flanders.

  East Flemish - Wikipedia
A brief introduction to the East Flemish group of dialects from the free encyclopaedia Wikipedia.

  Vlaamse Woordenlijst
A searchable Dutch-Flemish online dictionary.

  Vlaams Centrum voor Volkscultuur
The Flemish government created the'Vlaams Centrum voor Volkscultuur' (VCV) (Flemish Centre for the Study of Popular Culture and Ethnology) in 1998. It is a non-profit organization and it is subsidized by the 'Administration of Culture of the Flemish Community'.

From September to December 1999, eighteen West Flemish schools took part in an internet project on regional variation in language.

Regionen (Regions)

  Ons Dialect het Booms
This brief overview of the Booms dialect is followed by a list of lexical items in the dialect.

  Oostendse Verhalen
This webpage about the West Flemish dialect spoken in Ostend has a grammar, hints on spelling and a pronunciation guide with mp3 files.

  AL LANK AA - Vereniging ter bevordering van het origineel Zeels
Information about the eastern Flemish dialect spoken in Zele.

Weiter!See also: Niederfränkisch (Niederlande)

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