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  What is a dialect?
An overview of what constitutes a dialect from Wikipedia. - German Dialects
A two-part introduction to German dialects from

  About Dialects and High German
An overview of the main German dialects and developments in the field of dialectology from Robert Shea.

  Deutsche Welle - Dialektatlas  Includes sound files!
The dialect atlas of the German broadcaster Deutsche Welle is a multimedia portal for their series on eleven of Germany's dialects. For many of the dialects selected, it is possible to listen to and read the transcript of the original programme.

  Mundart-Tonbeispiele  Includes sound files!
A collection of sound files in the various German dialects collated by Marburg University.

  Beispiele deutscher Mundarten  Includes sound files!
A collection of texts and sound files in the various German dialects collated by W. Näser of Marburg University.

  German Genealogy : Dialects
A list of the German dialects and the places in which they are spoken. This page is also available in German.

  Questions and Answers about German Dialects
A collection of informative responses to frequently-asked questions about varieties of German.

  Der Rheinische Fächer  Includes sound files!
This excellent selection of maps, texts and sound files allows you to listen to the different sounds made at various points on the Rhenish fan.

  Hochdeutsch kommt aus dem Süden
The educational broadcaster BR-Alpha explains the contribution made by southern German dialects to the standard German that we speak nowadays. Contains sound files.

  Vokabel-Download: Deutsche Dialekte
Download vocabulary lists from a large number of German dialects in ZIP file format.

  Was sind Dialekte?
Jochen Müller's Wissenschaftliche Hausarbeit zur Ersten Staatsprüfung starts off with an analysis of German dialects in general.

  Sprache im Mittelalter  Includes sound files!
The project Franken im Mittelalter has created an multimedia map of Germany that allows you to see and hear the form taken by certain dialects in the Middle Ages.

  Wikipedia - Dialekte
The free online encyclopaedia Wikipedia defines what constitutes a dialect and examines the German dialect area.

  Europe's Sociolinguistic Unity
Peter Auer of Freiburg University provides a typology of European dialect/standard constellations.

  Deutsche Dialekte
A website based in Innsbruck whose aim is to collate background and research material about German dialects. Work in progress.

  Dialekte und Dialektgeschichte
An overview of German dialects and dialectology from Astrid Paeschke of the Technische Universität Berlin.

  Vaterland und Muttersprache. Wie Hochdeutsch den Dialekt verdrängt hat.
The transcript of a Hessicher Rundfunk radio programme on how standard German has led to a decrease in usage of German dialects can be downloaded from this website.

  "Wir können alles außer Hochdeutsch..." Dialektsprecher und ihr Ansehen in der Gesellschaft
The transcript of a Hessicher Rundfunk radio programme on the status of dialect speakers in modern Germany can be downloaded from this website.

  Kann man Mundart pflegen?
Stefan Pflaum's article on whether it is possible to "preserve" dialects.

  Geschlechtsspezifische Zusammenhänge
Do men or women speak tend to speak dialects more?

  Studienbibliographie Dialekt und Schule
Karl-Heinz Jäger's thorough bibliography on dialects and their usage in education.

  Regionaler Sprachgebrauch in regionalen Tageszeitungen
Oliver Lohmann examines the usage of regional dialects in regional German newspapers.

  Yahoo Groups: German Dialects
This Yahoo discussion group discusses issues related to vocabulary and grammar in an effort to learn more about middle and upper Germanic language varieties like Pennsylvania German, Swiss German, Bavarian-Austrian, Swabian, Silesian, Alsatian, Luxembourgish, etc. One of the goals of the group is to maintain and record information about dialects which are on the verge of disappearing.

  UNESCO Red Book on Endangered Languages: Europe
Which German languages and dialects are perceived to be endangered or extinct?

  Verlag Michaela Naumann
This Mundartverlag publishes texts such as Winnie the Pooh and Le Petit Prince in a variety of German dialects.

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