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1. Prepositions
We have already met a number of prepositions in the first four chapters of this course. Click on the button below to do a revision exercise on German prepositions in everyday conversations.

The second prepositions exercise requires you to fill in the gaps in a conversation in which a visitor to Leipzig seeks directions to a chemist's and to his hotel. Try and remember which preposition takes which case, and don't forget that the endings on the definite article are also determined by the gender of the noun that follows it!

Which prepositions take the dative case and which ones take the accusative case? And what endings should be added in each instance?

Do your homework!

2. The Dative Case
The following exercises test your knowledge of the dative case and how it affects articles and possessive adjectives. Click on the buttons below to access the exercise of your choice:

Do your homework!

3. Adjectives and ordinal numbers
The following exercises test your knowledge of adjective endings and ordinal numbers. Click on the buttons below to access the exercise of your choice:

4. Finding your way around
The following exercise tests your knowledge of the words and phrases that you may require when asking for directions in a German town or city. Click on the button below to get started:

The Make German Your Business website from BBC Education has a special section on finding your way round German towns and cities. There are a number of interactive exercises and some useful vocabulary. Click on the button below to get started!

The BBC German Steps site gives you a number of exercises concerned with asking for directions. Here, see if you can help Andrea find the Komödie in the Kurfürstendamm in Berlin.

Some of the vocabulary in the exercise above may be unfamiliar to you. See how far you can get with the vocabulary and skills that you have learned so far - this is very good practice for when you visit Germany. To help you, click here to open up the TU Chemnitz online English-German dictionary. Or you can click below for some more German words and phrases used when asking for directions.

The LangMedia site has two videos showing people asking for directions. Watch the videos and try and work out what they are saying - then reads the German and English transcripts and see how accurate you were.

5. Scavenger Hunt - Berlin
Find out more about the history of Berlin by going on an online scavenger hunt! Click on the button below to launch the exercise. Then click on the magnifying glasses to visit the four websites which will help you to answer the questions. Happy hunting!

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