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The plan of a typical German flat

In this chapter you will learn:

  • how to describe your house or flat
  • to ask how accommodation is available
  • how to read and decipher German accommodation advertisements
  • how to state the rent that you are able to pay
  • how to order someone to do something using reflexive verbs
  • about types of housing in Germany and trends on the accommodation market
  • about the shortage of housing for students
  • about the types of housing in which German students live
  • German vocabulary for accommodation and housing

Grammatically, this chapter concentrates on the use of the future tense in German. We shall also learn about the genitive case - how it is formed, how to distinguish between the genitive endings, how to use it after certain prepositions and to indicate possession.

We shall also learn to how to form and use the imperative of reflexive verbs and how to create adjectives formed from city names. We shall also encounter the adverbial superlative and discover how to express "not yet" and "no longer".

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