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Paul JoyceWelcome to the homepage of Paul Joyce, senior tutor in German and Linguistics at the University of Portsmouth. Here you will find a series of websites devoted to language, culture and society in the German-speaking countries. There is a full ab initio German course of 12 chapters, which contains sound files, multimedia exercises and a glossary of vocabulary. You will also find an interactive guide to German pronunciation using the voices of native German speakers. From a grammatical perspective, there are also German verb tables and a series of PowerPoint lectures on German grammar.

You will also find links to some of my articles for the British magazine 'When Saturday Comes', in which I analyse football in the German-speaking countries and throughout Europe. Topics include football in the former GDR, the curious history of the Saar 'national' team, allegations of match-fixing in Europe and often overlooked developments in Switzerland, Austria and Liechtenstein.

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A graduate of Cambridge University, Paul taught German language, literature and history at the University of Exeter until 2007. In his current post at the University of Portsmouth, he teaches German language to beginners and post A-Level students in the School of Languages and Area Studies. He also teaches on the MA in Specialised Translation and also teaches German-English translation to final year students. He equally teaches contemporary German history and will co-ordinate a new unit on Dimensions of Popular Culture. His special areas of interest include German linguistics and dialects, modern German literature and film.

Each summer, he co-ordinates and teaches on an intensive 16-week Subject Knowledge Enhancement (SKE) course in German language and culture. This course has been designed to enable graduates who are already well-qualified practitioners of at least one foreign language to develop the confidence and expertise to teach German to pupils in Key Stage 3. The German Enhancement Course has received very positive appraisals from both Ofsted and the university’s external moderator, who has described the teaching and learning experience as of a very high standard.

Paul also teaches English linguistics at the University of Portsmouth on the Language Awareness and Language, Society and Mind units. He is also External Examiner in German for Coventry University. and worked with Oxford University Press in 2009 to create a DVD of pronunciation materials for GCSE German students.


Paul Joyce can be contacted at:

University of Portsmouth
School of Languages and Area Studies
Park Building
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United Kingdom


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